Twelve cylinders and eight gears – a unique combination redefining the pinnacle of supremacy and exclusivity in the luxury performance segment. Taking over the top position within BMW’s model portfolio, the new BMW 760i and the new BMW 760Li clearly represent the absolute epitome of motoring culture and refinement in their market.
The symbol of and foundation for this unique position is the twelve-cylinder power unit driving the two top models in the BMW 7 Series. A brand-new development from the ground up, this revolutionary V12 with TwinPower Turbo technology, High Precision Injection and infinite double-VANOS camshaft adjustment is a true masterpiece of modern engineering.

The new BMW 7 Series 12-Cylinder (Image: BMW Group)

The new BMW 7 Series 12-Cylinder (Image: BMW Group)

The engine delivers its superior power of 400 kW/544 hp at a speed of 5,250 rpm, with peak torque of 750 Newton-metres/553 lb-ft coming from just 1,500 rpm. Combined with the likewise new eight-speed automatic transmission also featured in a BMW for the first time, the 6.0-litre twelve-cylinder offers not only unparalleled smoothness and refinement, but also the ability to convert its seemingly inexhaustible power reserves spontaneously and with precise dosage at any time into supreme driving dynamics on the road.

BMW 12 cylinder gasoline engine with TwinPower Turbo (Image: BMW Group)

BMW 12 cylinder gasoline engine with TwinPower Turbo (Image: BMW Group)

The drivetrain technology featured in the new BMW 760i and the new BMW 760Li impressively confirms the unique innovative power of the BMW brand. Together, the supreme power and performance of the new V12 and the innovative concept of eight-speed automatic transmission set the foundation for a truly exceptional driving experience, converting supreme power into equally supreme driving dynamics in particular style and with unparalleled refinement. Offering smoothness and style of the highest calibre, without ever being pushed anywhere near its limits, the twelve-cylinder simply begs the driver and passenger to enjoy a wonderful ride in supreme comfort, plus outstanding driving dynamics as another unique feature whenever they wish.

The eight-speed automatic transmission offers a perfect match for both the supremacy and the dynamic power of the engine. And the outstanding efficiency of both top models in the BMW 7 Series is likewise attributable not to the V12 power unit alone, but rather to the overall system of power transmission.
The innovations developed in the context of BMW -EfficientDynamics enable this unprecedented luxury saloon to accelerate from a standstill to 100 km/h in just 4.6 seconds on average fuel consumption in the EU test cycle of 12.9 litres/100 kilometres (equal to 21.9 mpg imp).

The outstanding position of the new BMW 760i and the new BMW 760Li is furthermore underlined by the suspension technology developed for this unique luxury saloon, combining innovative driver assistance systems in some cases exclusive to BMW with a wide range of comfort features all fitted as standard. More than ever before, the two models meet the demands of even the most discerning motorist looking for individual mobility of the highest standard as part of a lifestyle oriented towards absolute perfection.

The new BMW 7 Series: perfect foundation for supreme motoring culture.

Featuring superior suspension technology, innovative driver assistance systems and luxurious comfort amenities, as well as a unique combination of elegance and sportiness borne out by the car’s design, the BMW 7 Series from the start offers the perfect foundation for raising the standard of performance and refinement offered by the new twelve-cylinder to a truly incomparable level of driving pleasure.

Both the new BMW 760i and the new BMW 760Li come a standard with Dynamic Damping Control including Dynamic Drive Control operated by a button on the centre console, speed-related Servotronic steering assistance, and Dynamic Drive anti-roll stability control. The BMW 760Li comes additionally with air suspension including self-levelling on the rear axle. And last but not least, both models are available as an option with Integral Active Steering featuring speed-related adjustment of the steering angle on the rear wheels.
The supreme grand touring comfort of the new top models in the BMW 7 Series is further underlined by additional features such as comfort seats, the Professional navigation system, automatic air conditioning with four-zone control, automatic cruise control with its own brake function, Park Distance Control and Automatic Soft Close on the doors – all coming as standard.

BMW ConnectedDrive available as an option offers a wide range of innovative driver assistance systems such as Lane Change Warning, Lane Departure Warning, Speed Limit Info, Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go, BMW Night Vision with detection of individual persons, a back-up camera, and BMW Side View. At the same time BMW ConnectedDrive comes with a multitude of innovative offers and technologies networking the occupants with the car and its surroundings in the interest of maximum comfort and optimised use of the Infotainment system as well as enhanced safety. Accordingly, the BMW 760i and the BMW 760Li are both available with the complete range of mobility services comprising, among other features, BMW Assist including a telephone enquiry service and an Enhanced Emergency Call function automatically determining the current location of the car, BMW Online, BMW TeleServices, and unrestricted use of the internet in the car.

As an optional addition to the bi-xenon headlights featured as standard, the High-Beam Assistant and Adaptive Headlights including a Bending Light function, variable light distribution and adaptive headlight range control set new standards for driving safely at night.

Likewise optional, the Head-Up Display serves to project data relevant to the driver to the windscreen, enabling the driver to read such information and messages directly in his line of vision, without being distracted from the road and driving conditions around him.

Design: discreet signals on the exterior, stylish exclusivity within the interior.

In their looks alone, the BMW 760i und BMW 760Li benefit from the harmonious combination of elegance, sportiness and natural presence so characteristic of the new BMW 7 Series in its design. With its wheelbase extended by 14 centimetres or 5.5″, the long-wheelbase version offers particularly comfortable access to the rear seats. Through the unique design of the roofline and C-pillars, the side view of the car, despite the greater headroom for the rear seat passengers, maintains its full similarity with the overall look of the standard-wheelbase saloon. And both body variants, finally, come with the longest wheelbase in their respective segments.

The new BMW 7 Series 12-Cylinder, Tail pipe (Image: BMW Group)

The new BMW 7 Series 12-Cylinder, Tail pipe (Image: BMW Group)

The visual signs of distinction highlighting the V12 power unit on the exterior of the BMW 760i and the BMW 760Li are both stylish and discreet all in one. The kidney in the radiator grille boasts an extra-wide and slightly concave chrome frame as well as bars contoured powerfully to the front. Looking at the car from the side, in turn, the observer will immediately notice the 19-inch light-alloy wheels as well as the V12 model designation on the chrome-plated gill elements with their integrated direction indicator function at the transition point between the front side panel and the driver’s or, respectively, the front passenger’s door. An additional chrome bar between the two dual tailpipes again in unique design provides yet another sign of distinction on the rear of both models.

(Image: BMW Group)

The kidney in the radiator grille of the new 760i and 760 Li boasts an extra-wide and slightly concave chrome frame as well as bars contoured powerfully to the front(Image: BMW Group)

Within the interior of the BMW 760i and the BMW 760Li the luxurious ambience of the car is supplemented by model-specific, harmoniously interacting design elements again clearly expressing the exclusive character of the V12 models. Stainless-steel door entry trim complete with an illuminated V12 model designation, the dashboard finished in nappa leather and with elegant stitching, the roof lining and sun visors in alcantara, as well as interior trim in exclusive burr walnut complete with highly attractive inlays serve to stylishly distinguish the very special twelve-cylinder model from the other versions of the BMW 7 Series.

Reserved for V12 (image: BMW Group)

Reserved for V12: Stainless-steel door entry trim complete with an illuminated V12 model designation (image: BMW Group)

The new V12 power unit: perfection as the principle,  innovation as the driving force.

The twelve-cylinder power unit in a BMW 7 Series luxury performance saloon obviously guarantees a driving and grand touring experience quite unique from the outset. No other engine provides a comparable combination of power and refinement, no other power unit offers the same kind of exclusive prestige.

The special status of the engine results from its design and construction principle offering perfect conditions for supreme performance without the slightest effort. In terms of its vibration behaviour, the V12, with its two rows of cylinders arranged at an angle of 60o, comes closer to the ideal standard physically conceivable than any other engine.
BMW’s new V12 highlights these characteristics in even greater perfection than ever before. Compared with the former engine, both maximum output and peak torque are up considerably, engine response and the continuous surge of power have been optimised, and engine acoustics further refined.

The progress achieved in this way is obvious at first sight, offering a level higher still than that of the BMW 750i which, with its ultra-modern V8 featuring BMW TwinPower Turbo technology and direct gasoline injection (High Precision Injection), already provides the power and performance standard of a conventional twelve-cylinder.

The new V12 thus maintains the truly outstanding position of BMW’s twelve-cylinders also in the new generation of the BMW 7 Series. The driver of a BMW 760i and, respectively, of a BMW 760Li can therefore be sure to enjoy the highest standard of supremacy conceivable in the luxury class. And at the same time the unique leadership of the V12 power unit is combined with the right kind of efficiency for this day and age offering fuel economy and emission management even better than with eight-cylinder power units in the same segment as the BMW 7 Series.

BMW TwinPower Turbo technology making its debut in the twelve-cylinder.

The new all-aluminium twelve-cylinder displaces 5,972 cc, maintaining precisely the same cylinder capacity as on the former engine. At the same time BMW’s new V12 comes with a wide range of technical features allowing full use of the engine’s potential provided by its construction principle and fundamental philosophy.

BMW 12 cylinder gasoline engine with TwinPower Turbo (Image: BMW Group)

BMW 12 cylinder gasoline engine with TwinPower Turbo (Image: BMW Group)

In particular, this means the first-ever use of BMW TwinPower Turbo technology and -High Precision Injection on a twelve-cylinder power unit. This unique combination already substantiated on BMW’s six- and eight-cylinder engines guarantees an absolutely smooth and direct response to even the slightest movement of the gas pedal, a consistent torque curve and exceptionally good fuel economy and emission management on an engine in this performance class.

The two exhaust gas turbochargers specially developed for the new V12, thanks to the small cylinder angle of 60o, fit perfectly and in compact arrangement on the outside of the two rows of cylinders, each supplying six cylinders with compressed air. Through their position they provide the ideal configuration for short, straight and therefore aerodynamically efficient pipe connections between the exhaust manifold and the turbochargers. In combination with the catalytic converters optimised for minimum counter-pressure, the design and configuration of the exhaust gas manifolds sets the basis for the outstandingly spontaneous and direct response of the twelve-cylinder as well as its supreme power and torque.

Maximum torque now increased to 750 Netwom-metres/553 lb-ft comes at just 1,500 rpm and is maintained at a consistent level all the way to an engine speed of 5,000 rpm. This means peak torque 25 per cent higher than on the former engine at an engine speed approximately 2,300 rpm lower.

Power is also built up faster than on the former engine, borne out clearly by the much steeper power curve rising up to its peak of 400 kW/544 hp at just 5,250 rpm. And when it comes to the car’s actual performance on the road, this kind of power and muscle is expressed clearly by acceleration in both the BMW 760i and the BMW 760Li to 100 km/h in just 4.6 seconds.

The catalytic converters on the new twelve-cylinder feature the most advanced exhaust gas sensors and reach their optimum operating temperature at a very early point thanks to their position close to the engine. Highly effective treatment of exhaust gas allows full maintenance of all internationally relevant emission standards, the BMW 760i and the BMW 760Li naturally fulfilling the EU 5 emission standard in Europe and the ULEV II standard in the USA.

Optimised combustion, spontaneous development of power and supreme efficiency ensured by High Precision Injection and dual-VANOS.

BMW High Precision Injection is the second-generation of direct gasoline injection serving to optimise the combustion process and make exceptionally efficient use of the energy contained in the car’s fuel. Piezo-injectors positioned right in the middle of the cylinder head allow extra precise fuel dosage. Receiving fuel through stainless-steel supply lines, they inject the fuel into the combustion chambers at a pressure of up to 200 bar and in finely atomised form.

BMW High Precision Injection ensures a particularly efficient and clean combustion process as the foundation for fuel economy and emission management absolutely unparalleled also in the new V12 power unit.

Again in typical BMW style, the new twelve-cylinder features infinite adjustment of camshaft timing by means of dual-VANOS. This allows the engine to run efficiently under part load with a high share of residual gas and reduced throttle loss. As an additional factor, double-VANOS also helps to give the engine an even more spontaneous and direct response.

The new twelve-cylinder power units in the BMW 7 Series come with a wide range of technologies serving to reduce both fuel consumption and emissions – and naturally all based on the BMW EfficientDynamics development strategy. Examples are Brake Energy Regeneration, on-demand operation of the electrical water pumps and the volume flow-controlled oil pump, all serving to optimise the balance of driving performance and fuel economy.

With engine output up by 22 per cent over the former model and maximum torque 25 per cent higher than before, average fuel consumption in the EU test cycle is just 12.9 litres/100 kilometres on the BMW 760i (equal to 21.9 mpg imp) and 13.0 litres/100 kilometres on the BMW 760Li (equal to 21.7 mpg imp). CO2 emissions have likewise been reduced to 299 and, respectively 303 grams per kilometre.

World debut: eight-speed automatic transmission in the new BMW 760i and the new BMW 760Li.

The unique qualities of the new V12 power unit are combined in both the BMW 760i and the BMW 760Li with an equally innovative concept for the transmission of power – both top models in the BMW 7 Series feature the newly developed eight-speed automatic transmission making its world debut in a production BMW. The eight-speed automatic transmission is indeed an ideal match for the power and performance characteristics of the twelve-cylinder engine, offering an unprecedented standard of gearshift comfort, sportiness and efficiency never seen before.

BMW 8 speed automatic transmission (Image: BMW Group)

BMW 8 speed automatic transmission (Image: BMW Group)

The new eight-speed automatic transmission stands out in particular through the innovative configuration of gears providing additional gear increments and a larger overall range of gears than on the former six-speed automatic transmission without any negative effects on the size, weight and internal efficiency of the transmission. The new automatic transmission therefore comes with two additional gears and a range of gear increments increased from six to seven, while the number of gearsets is increased by only one to four and the number of clutches even remains unchanged.

Triple progress with two additional gears: gearshift dynamics up, comfort up, efficiency up.

With the number of components increasing only slightly compared with the former six-speed automatic transmission, the new eight-speed automatic offers an unusually good degree of inner efficiency. Likewise, the low weight of the new transmission unit almost identical to that of the former six-speed automatic transmission again enhances the efficiency of the entire vehicle, integration of an additional gearset with its extra weight being compensated by the optimisation of weight elsewhere.

Benefiting from the transmission covering a wider range of overall increments, the driver is able to use the highest gear at far lower engine speeds much more often than before, thus not only optimising the economy of the BMW 760i and BMW 760Li at higher speeds, but also the smoothness and refinement of the twelve-cylinder power unit. With the number of gears increasing to eight, the change in engine speed when shifting gears is smaller than before, despite the broader overall range of gear increments. Clearly, this enhances the sporting character of the transmission and, accordingly, the dynamic performance of the car so typical of a BMW. In the process of acceleration, the harmonious balance of transmission ratios allows a particularly smooth and consistent increase in speed, a feature ideally matching the ongoing surge of power delivered by the new V12 and thus underlining the unique supremacy of the BMW 760i and the BMW 760Li.

The smaller differences between gear ratios also enhance gearshift comfort in this outstanding luxury saloon. A change in gears involves only a small change in engine speed, with reaction and gearshift times even shorter than on the six-speed automatic transmission benefiting both motoring comfort and driving dynamics. When shifting up or down by one or even two gears, the transmission only has to open one single clutch, direct detection of the target gear also allowing a gearshift by more than two gears with extremely short reaction and gearshift times.

The entire transmission concept is particularly beneficial to the superior style of motoring so typical of the BMW 760i and the BMW 760Li, allowing the driver to frequently use the higher gears simply perfect for enhanced efficiency and running smoothness, while benefiting from the car’s full driving dynamics spontaneously whenever he wishes.

Travel and grand touring comfort of the highest standard.

The BMW 760i and the BMW 760Li blend unique drivetrain technology with the luxury, comfort, style and elegance so characteristic of the BMW 7 Series in a unique combination ensuring a supreme driving experience and exclusive grand touring comfort all in one. Particularly the BMW 760Li sets new standards in grand touring on the rear seats, extension of the car’s wheelbase by 14 centimetres or 5.5″ benefiting exclusively the passengers at the rear. And as a further improvement the passengers on the rear seats of the extended-wheelbase version also enjoy greater headroom.

The new BMW 7 Series 12-Cylinder, Interieur (Image: BMW Group)

The new BMW 7 Series 12-Cylinder, Interieur (Image: BMW Group)

Attractive options for personalising the driving and grand touring experience – both optional extras featured from the start and special equipment fitted subsequently – offer an even higher standard of driving excellence tailored to the respective owner. Numerous options in air conditioning, entertainment and communication – such as unrestricted use of the internet within the car as part of BMW -ConnectedDrive, the navigation system with its wide range of functions and the Integrated Owner’s Manual – are absolutely unique the world over even in the most demanding segment of luxury performance saloons.

For your personal well-being: four-zone automatic air conditioning and comfort seats.

Four-zone automatic air conditioning comes as standard on both the BMW 760i and the BMW 760Li, allowing individual control of interior temperature, air volume and distribution on the driver’s and front passenger’s side at the front and the left and right side at the rear. In addition, four-zone automatic air conditioning comes with a separate control unit at the rear end of the centre console as well as an electrical heater in the rear footwells.

Enhancing four-zone automatic air conditioning to an even higher standard, the BMW 760Li also features a separate air vent with its own control units at the rear, air being supplied by a special a/c source installed separately in the luggage compartment. Both the BMW 760i and the BMW 760Li come as standard with comfort seats for the driver and front passenger. Seat heating, in turn, is likewise a standard feature both front and rear.

Adjustable single seats are available at the rear as an option, moving individually as required to the occupant’s personal position. The backrest angle and the position of the seat are fully variable, as is the position of the headrests. The control elements used for this purpose are the same as on the front seats, that is the same control buttons and switches.
As an option the driver and front passenger may enjoy the benefits of an active seat for an even more relaxed style of motoring especially on long distances. Alternately lifting and lowering the seat bottom, the active seat mobilises the occupant’s muscles around his hips and lumbar spine in regular intervals. The rear seats, in turn, may be equipped with a climate and massage function.

Automatic Soft Close on the doors featured as standard, Panorama glass roof as an option.

Further features coming as standard are Park Distance Control and Automatic Soft Close on all doors. The optional contoured sliding roof, in turn, enhances grand touring comfort in the BMW 760i and the BMW 760Li to an even higher standard by letting in exactly the right amount of sunshine and fresh air. Measuring 60 x 92 centimetres/23.6 x 36.2″, the glass panel gives the interior an even brighter and more generous look while the contoured sweep at the front running parallel to the front edge of the roof optimises the look of the car.

Two illuminated vanity mirrors come as standard in the roof lining of the BMW 760Li. Positioned at exactly the right point in ergonomic arrangement from the left- and right-hand rear seat, the mirrors fold down automatically as soon as the passenger presses the button.

For a perfect travel experience: BMW Professional navigation system and BMW Routes.

To ensure a particularly high standard of comfort in using the Professional navigation system and the audio system both featured as standard, the BMW 760i and the BMW 760Li come with a hard disc memory. With its capacity of 80 GB, this high-performance memory allows particularly quick access to digital maps for navigation purposes, with 12 GB capacity more than sufficient for a truly large collection of music files.

Also featured as standard, the Professional HiFi system comprises 16 loudspeakers, a DVD player, an AUX-in and a USB connection. Optional extras also available in this context are a six-DVD changer, a TV module and a receiver for Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB).

Using the BMW Routes service, BMW ConnectedDrive customers are able to retrieve the most beautiful routes presented directly in the car via BMW Online at the touch of a button. Then the navigation system will guide the driver along the route selected to his destination, presenting useful and interesting information on the route and stopover points in pictures and text messages regularly updated to the latest status. As an alternative the customer may also put together his own route by means of the Enhanced Internet Route Planner, then saving his proposal for subsequent retrieval in the car at a later point in time.
The entertainment systems available for the rear seats of the BMW 760i and the BMW 760Li likewise set a new standard in terms of comfortable motoring without the slightest boredom. The features fitted in this case are two screens integrated in the front-seat backrests, two headsets and two AUX-in ports as well as a DVD player serving, among other things, to hook up external audio and video units as well as game consoles. A further point is that all audio and video sources within the car may be conveniently controlled from the rear seats.

The Professional rear-seat entertainment system incorporates 9.2-inch monitors and an additional Controller on the rear centre console offering the same functions as the Controller on the front centre console and thus enabling the user to control both the navigation system and the telephone functions within the car. This, in turn, allows the rear-seat passengers to surf the internet while driving, without the sites selected being presented on the front display.

The car’s passengers do not even have to miss out on their favourite television programmes, since the Control Display and the rear screens featuring the optional TV module allow analogue and digital TV reception, with only the sound signal being presented at the front while driving for reasons of safety. The control functions used in this case are identical for the driver, the front passenger and rear-seat passengers.

BMW ConnectedDrive with the mobile phone preparation kit including a Bluetooth interface allows safe and convenient use of the telephone also while driving. As an alternative, a Smartphone may also be integrated via the USB port. Extended connection of the music player in the mobile telephone, finally, enables the user to mastermind both the entertainment and communication functions of an external device through BMW iDrive control.

Exquisite highlights from the range of BMW Individual.

Choosing among the many features in the range of BMW Individual, the driver of a BMW 760i or, respectively, a BMW 760Li is able to express his sense of quality and exclusive style to an even greater extent. One of the features available within the range is newly developed BMW Individual Merino fine grain leather truly outstanding not only through its material and colour, but also through its distinctive seam patterns on the seats, the dashboard and the door panels. And matching the colour of the leather, there is also a wide range of colours for the BMW Individual roof lining in alcantara. Further personal highlights are set by the trim bars in Satin Nut Brown, in Reddish Brown plane wood, and in Black Piano paint. A new colour in the range of BMW Individual exterior colours, finally, is Citrin Black in Xirallic technology.

Yet another highlight in the wide range of BMW Individual features is the newly developed, fully-integrating cooling box able to accommodate two 0.7-litre bottles and two 0.33-litre beverage cans. New 20-inch BMW Individual light-alloy wheels in V-spoke design, finally, round off the glorious look of the car.

Driving with pleasure: The new BMW 760i and 760 Li (Image: BMW Group)

Driving with pleasure: The new BMW 760i and 760 Li (Image: BMW Group)

The new BMW 760i and the new BMW 760Li represent the ultimate pinnacle of motoring refinement and culture in their segment. Both of these twelve-cylinder models are the epitome of refined power, motoring in grand style, and sophisticated exclusivity. They provide a fascinating new answer to the question as to what the really discerning individualist may demand of a car in the luxury class, once again confirming BMW’s leading role in the luxury segment.